Remind Me

  • Date: 2008

“Most of the time
I’m clear focused all around
Most of the time
I can keep my feet on the ground.” …Bob Dylan

…”Sometimes I need you to…. Remind Me”

Inspired by Bob Dylan’s songs “Most of the Time” and “If not for you” choreographer Lotte Sigh has created a sensitive and explosive duet about the controversies of love.


Kultorvet in Copenhagen June 20th 2015 at 12 and 2 p.m. as part of CPH STAGE Festival
Remind Me will be performed by Pantera Chamber Ballet in Kazan, Russia June 2nd 2015
The Greek Campus in Cairo, Egypt march 2014
French Institute in Alexandria, Egypt march 2014
Dies De Dansa, Barcelona 2011
Picasso Museum of Barcelona 2011
Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona 2011
Placa Catalunya, Barcelona 2011
Zene + Festival, Baltoppen, Denmark 2010
National Gallery of Denmark 2010
Festival of Contemporary Dance – Kazan, Russia 2010
Aarhus Festival 2009
Examination of the aspirants at the Royal Danish Ballet in 2009
Dansescenen, Copenhagen 2008.


Choreography: Lotte Sigh
Music: Bjørn Svin
Lighting design and scenography: Lars Egegaard Sørensen
Costumes: Benthe Boesen
Dancers: Phillip Benjami Jenkins & Matilde Wendelboe, Anastasia Yuferova & Aleksandr Zagidulin, Anastasia Tokranova & Pierre Enaux
Press Photo: Henrik Stenberg
Photos from Egypt: Mostafa Abdel Aty

Critics wrote

“The city calling” March 2008.
Review by Susanne Trudsø
Love moves in mysterious ways and its controversies are numerous. Intimacy, disgust, attraction and struggle for power. These are some of the many labels connected with Lotte Sigh’s interpretation of the relationship between man and woman. In a tremendous pace the audience is witness to a Virginia Woolf-like showdown for dance.

Remind me
In the habitual way of thinking in our daily routine, it happens that a boyfriend is taken for granted as we become wrapped up in our own selfish frame of mind. A woman is trapped under a gauzy silk crepe material like a spider’s web, while a man struggles to break out of a door. Meanwhile the outside world passes by in the background as an endless stream of cars. The couple meet and unite in a blue undulating underwater universe – like the blue grotto in Capri. Shortly hereafter the tides are turned and with this mood shift the scene becomes a battle, a pas de deux at a tremendous pace with high lifts, expressive release and abrupt sculptural movements. He becomes entangled in her web, but yet again breaks out of the cocoon in a continued controversy. In the black box space of Dansescenen and accompanied by Bjørn Svin’s electronic soundscape Lotte Sigh has created a breathtaking duet for the two eminent dancers Matilde Wendelboe Dresler and Phillip Benjamin Jenkins. The balance of a relationship has thus been portrayed with elements of tenderness, rebellion and confrontation.

Review in Berlingske Tidende
By Vibeke Wern
Monday, March 10th 2008

In the choreographic work “Remind Me”, Lotte Sigh has been inspired by Bob Dylan’s texts “Most of the Time” and “If not for you”. In this highly explosive duet about the controversies of love, Phillip Benjamin Jenkins and Mathilde Wendelboe Dresler are wonderfully agile and dynamic in their powerful, spinning and rolling dance to the music of Bjørn Svin with its whispering voices, crackling sounds and pulsating rhythms. First, we have the man and woman at a dreamy distance from each other until they come together in a series of intimate and manipulating duets in which they take turns at being in charge and sitting upon each other, literally as well as a metaphorically speaking. Lars Egegaard Sørensens atmospheric lighting design which plays an active part is beautiful. Egegaard Sørensen has also designed the lights and acted as cameraman in Lotte Sigh’s highly sensual dance movie ‘JINK’ in which two female dancers; Carolina Bäckman and Ellesiv Selseng, chase each other in a stairwell. The film is shown in the foyer at Dansescenen as an intermezzo between the two genuine works presented in the Short Stories programme.



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