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Love me Tonight

Musical celebrating the biggest Danish hits of the eighties through the story of the reunion of a band.


Staging: Kenneth Kreutzmann
Set design: Rikke Juellund
Manuscript: Ina Bruhn & Ida Maria Rydén
Conductor: Joakim Pedersen
Choreography: Morten Innstrand
Produced by Østre Gasværk Teater
Idea and executive producer: Jesper Winge Leisner


The Danish hits from the 80’s – we all know them. From our childhood, youth and early adulthood. LOVE ME TONIGHT is a newly written Danish musical with 30 of the greatest 80’s songs as the musical back bone.

LOVE ME TONIGHT is a musical about the most important thing in life – love. As friends they were inseparable  – they were scattered all over – now they meet again. But one of them carries a secrets which they will soon all be a part of and which will change their lives for ever. With and great soundtrack LOVE ME TONIGHT tells a simple and moving story about a group of people who are reminded of the of the dreams they once dared have, the life that then was possible – and of the love they might get to experience again.