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Repremiere, tour performance from  September 30th 2013 – Oktober  31st 2013
Staging: Pernille Elimar
Choreography Consultant: Morten Innstrand
Set design: Mads Gammelmark and Kristoffer Lystek Nielsen

About the performance

‘Operaen i Midten’ welcomes children between 5 and 9 years to a very speciel performance tailored for them (and for their adults).
We are at home with two girls. It is bed time, but who wants to go to bed and to sleep? Not these two. They are having fun in their room even though mom and dad over and over again tells them to go to bed and sleep. As the darkness settles, the room changes, or is it just the imagination playing a trick on the girls? Is everything normal, are there ghosts and odd creatures in the room, or is it just the wind blowing through the trees? Do monsters and ghosts even exist? And – when then girls can’t seem to be quit, don’t the risk that mom and dad will soon show up and scold them?
With great humor and a little thrill an everyday situation is presented which everybody, both children and adults, can relate to and enjoy.
It is the opera singers Berit Meland and Isabel Piganiol in the rolls as the girls and the are accompanied by the pianist Beth Elin Byberg.