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Lovesong – a story about life and marriage

Opening at Folketeatret in Copenhagen September 25th 2013.
Choreography: Lotte Sigh
Direction: Kaspar Rostrup
Cast: David Owe, Marie Askehave, Marie-Louise Coninck and Baard Owe

About Lovesong:

The play’s director Kaspar Rostrup says: “Lovesong is a truly amazing piece of theatre poetry. The theme leans strongly against ‘Dansen med Regitze’ which was oscar nominated then and I can’t help but cry every time I read this beautiful and extremely well written piece of drama. Lovesong is about a totally normal marriage with it’s ups and downs, adversity and prosperity, a marriage, at togetherness between to people who we can all relate to, but as a piece of music, it rises above the everyday life and tell about love, when it is the strongest.

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