• Lovesong

    Lovesong tells the story of an ordinary marriage with its ups and downs.

  • Political Tour

    Performed at Ministry of Culture, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Rigshospitalet (state hospital) and The Danish Parliament.

  • Double Stranded

    War, terror and all cruelty now and through history has an impact on us today and will continue to echo in the generations to come.

  • Peter and the Wolf

    About the wolf, ourselves and other scary dangers lurking in the woods. Or is it in the woods they lurk? Read more…

  • Dancing With Anger

    The anger we are forced to carry with us for a lifetime. Dance by Eliabe D’Abadia & Sebastian Kloborg. Choreography by Lotte Sigh. Read more…

  • Die Fence

    Choreography and dance by Julia Hechenblaikner and Lotte Sigh.
    Read more…

  • Race

    There is always, a deadline which is missed.
    There is always, a different place where they should have been. – Read more…

  • Mindfields

    A visual interpretation of streams of thoughts, fantasy and hidden traps of our mind which can destroy without any warning. – Read more…

  • JINK

    Endless stairs full of smoke, evasive moves and sudden turns to escape, abrupted by attempts to catch, hold and confront. – Read more…