AFTERMATH – a new dance performance by Lotte Sigh that will premiere in the beautiful church Grundtvigs Kirke this november. Performances: November 19th 2019 16.00 – Grundtvigs Kirke tickets November 19th 2019 19.00 – Grundtvigs Kirke tickets November 20th 2019 16.00 – Grundtvigs Kirke tickets November 20th 2019 19.00 – Grundtvigs Kirke tickets March 20th 2020 Skolen på Sydhavnen (sold out) March 2020 Sct. Joseph Hospital (sold out) March 2020…

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  • 30 Seconds Later

    Dance by Vincent Gabriel Vernal Choreography by Lotte Sigh Film by Daniel Urhøj

  • Dancing with Anger

    The anger we are forced to carry with us for a lifetime. Dance by Eliabe D’Abadia & Sebastian Kloborg. Choreography by Lotte Sigh. Read more…

  • New Journal

    ”When I scan the headlines of the news I sometimes imagine what would happen if
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  • Cast Eyes On

    20 dancers, 3D hologrammes and an opera singer from the Royal Theatre will be all around.
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  • Lovesong

    Lovesong tells the story of an ordinary marriage with its ups and downs.

  • Political Tour

    Performed at Ministry of Culture, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Rigshospitalet (state hospital) and The Danish Parliament.

  • Double Stranded

    War, terror and all cruelty now and through history has an impact on us today and will continue to echo in the generations to come.

  • The Selection

    En dansefilm.

  • Peter and the Wolf

    About the wolf, ourselves and other scary dangers lurking in the woods. Or is it in the woods they lurk? Read more…

  • HAIR

    Direction: Kenneth Kreutzmann
    Choreography: Morten Innstrand
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  • Die Fence

    Choreography and dance by Julia Hechenblaikner and Lotte Sigh.
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  • Race

    There is always, a deadline which is missed.
    There is always, a different place where they should have been. – Read more…

  • Mindfields

    A visual interpretation of streams of thoughts, fantasy and hidden traps of our mind which can destroy without any warning. – Read more…

  • JINK

    Endless stairs full of smoke, evasive moves and sudden turns to escape, abrupted by attempts to catch, hold and confront. – Read more…

  • Scandaholics

    Darwin would have reached 200 years in 2009. The choreography focuses on Scandinavians.
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  • JINK#2

    Intense physicality, electronic live concert and leftfield lighting design. All is staged in a backyard.
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  • Aria

    Direction: Morten Innstrand
    Choreography: Lotte Sigh & Morten Innstrand
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  • Into the Woods

    He has left the city and the usual places to find peace. The treetops close in on him from above…
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  • Remind Me

    A man and a woman submerged in the controversies of love. A dance performance of intense physicality.
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  • The World History

    An untraditional theater performance mixing acrobatics, dance, stunts and music.
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  • Les Bohemiens

    Les Bohemians is a tribute to liberalism, a dance performance balancing between boundaries.
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  • The Good, the Bad and You

    The Good, the Bad and You refers to the dilemmas that arise in the meeting of another human being.
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  • Love me Tonight

    Musical celebrating the biggest Danish hits of the eighties through the story of the reunion of a band.
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  • Transparency

    It is everywhere, in and between governments, businesses and communities. It feeds on greed.
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  • Journal 753

    In a post apocalyptic future four people are captured at the bottom of a large building complex.
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  • Carmen

    Sandnes Opera and Operetta Company
    Instruction: Pernille Elimar
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  • Waltzing Bodies – 2012

    The Culture Night in Copenhagen was celebrated by the performance “Waltzing Bodies” by students of CCDS.