AFTERMATH explores how the human heritage as an invisible creature can have aftereffects on both individuals, groups and peoples for generations. Geneticists have made research on how trauma can be inherited, and how our conditions and choices can become an echo that moves the dynamics of the world. These thoughts are the point of departure for AFTERMATH, and the effect of the heritage which we are all both receivers and…

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  • Copenhagen International Dance Festival 2019

    In April and May 2019 we explored Copenhagen and embraced it in Dance: 40 performances at 30 sites and 9 Masterclasses

  • 30 Seconds Later

    Dance by Vincent Gabriel Vernal Choreography by Lotte Sigh Film by Daniel Urhøj

  • Dancing with Anger

    The anger we are forced to carry with us for a lifetime. Dance by Eliabe D’Abadia & Sebastian Kloborg. Choreography by Lotte Sigh. Read more…

  • New Journal

    ”When I scan the headlines of the news I sometimes imagine what would happen if
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  • Cast Eyes On

    20 dancers, 3D hologrammes and an opera singer from the Royal Theatre will be all around.
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  • Lovesong

    Lovesong tells the story of an ordinary marriage with its ups and downs.

  • Political Tour

    Performed at Ministry of Culture, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Rigshospitalet (state hospital) and The Danish Parliament.

  • Double Stranded

    War, terror and all cruelty now and through history has an impact on us today and will continue to echo in the generations to come.

  • The Selection

    En dansefilm.

  • Peter and the Wolf

    About the wolf, ourselves and other scary dangers lurking in the woods. Or is it in the woods they lurk? Read more…

  • HAIR

    Direction: Kenneth Kreutzmann
    Choreography: Morten Innstrand
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  • Die Fence

    Choreography and dance by Julia Hechenblaikner and Lotte Sigh.
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  • Race

    There is always, a deadline which is missed.
    There is always, a different place where they should have been. – Read more…

  • Mindfields

    A visual interpretation of streams of thoughts, fantasy and hidden traps of our mind which can destroy without any warning. – Read more…

  • JINK

    Endless stairs full of smoke, evasive moves and sudden turns to escape, abrupted by attempts to catch, hold and confront. – Read more…

  • Scandaholics

    Darwin would have reached 200 years in 2009. The choreography focuses on Scandinavians.
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  • JINK#2

    Intense physicality, electronic live concert and leftfield lighting design. All is staged in a backyard.
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  • Aria

    Direction: Morten Innstrand
    Choreography: Lotte Sigh & Morten Innstrand
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  • Into the Woods

    He has left the city and the usual places to find peace. The treetops close in on him from above…
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  • Remind Me

    A man and a woman submerged in the controversies of love. A dance performance of intense physicality.
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  • The World History

    An untraditional theater performance mixing acrobatics, dance, stunts and music.
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  • Les Bohemiens

    Les Bohemians is a tribute to liberalism, a dance performance balancing between boundaries.
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  • The Good, the Bad and You

    The Good, the Bad and You refers to the dilemmas that arise in the meeting of another human being.
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  • Love me Tonight

    Musical celebrating the biggest Danish hits of the eighties through the story of the reunion of a band.
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  • Transparency

    It is everywhere, in and between governments, businesses and communities. It feeds on greed.
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  • Journal 753

    In a post apocalyptic future four people are captured at the bottom of a large building complex.
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  • Carmen

    Sandnes Opera and Operetta Company
    Instruction: Pernille Elimar
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  • Waltzing Bodies – 2012

    The Culture Night in Copenhagen was celebrated by the performance “Waltzing Bodies” by students of CCDS.