Copenhagen International Dance Festival

Artistic mission

The festival’s finest mission is to stage sublime dance art that is capable of both in content and in expression to confront, challenge, encourage and communicate to a large and diverse audience.

Audience development

The art offers a home for those who seek; With this as point of departure the festival has the fine task of reaching a diverse audience that embraces the devoted guests and those who has little or no experience with dance arts. The whole city is included to facilitate the meeting between people across age, background, culture and social class in the universe of dance. For this reason, the festival makes a special effort to reach underrepresented groups of audience to experience performing arts e.g. children and young adults and special groups. This is realised primarily by the initiatives: on location performances created specifically for the educational institutions, hospitals, kindergartens, elder homes etc., and special events for the homeless, asylum seekers, school children in collaboration with private companies.

Cross-organisational and artistic collaboration

The festival initiates a comprehensive cross-organisational and artistic collaboration that includes choreographers, interest groups, cultural institutions, private companies and educational institutions. Based on this the opportunities are expanded for the festival and the dance arts industry to create new artistic paths and shed light on the qualities of dance.

We proudly present Copenhagen International Dance Festival 2020